Are You a Bass Fisherman? - Here Are a Few Tips for You

18/05/2012 20:22

If you like bass fishing, you probably have a bit of experience of catching these treasures of the depths. However, there's always room for new tips and tricks. And here, I'm going to provide a few.

1. If you're not a big fan of lures, one of the best live baits for bass, is the Pouting. Since it's best for the bait to remain alive as long as possible, you should even consider tying them on the hook instead of piercing or cutting them.

2. Despite what many anglers think, you can fish for bass using wobblers even if the waters are murky. Of course, I've never had extraordinary results using wobblers when the visibility wasn't great, but I had resuslts. And of course, things have changes a bit since I got my Humminbird 597ci HD DI Combo. This great device tells me exactly where to throw. More info about this fish finder, here:

3. If you're going to use spinners, the Abu Toby and the Dexter Wedge spinners are great lures for bass. So you might want to put those on your list. Also, you should purchase 2-3 of them because bass just might like one type, but totally disregard the others. So, it's best to be covered just in case you lose the lucky one.

4. Knowing water temperature is really important not just for fishing bass, but for any type of fishing. In our case, you should know that bass stop feeding when the sea water tepmerature drops below 10°C. Anyway, if you're going to use a performant depth finder, you will be covered when it comes to measuring the water temperature.