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A Few Useful Saltwater Fly Fishing Tips

21/05/2012 19:05
  I've always thought of fly fishing as an art. This type of fishing takes finesse, and for many inexperienced anglers, it's rather discouraging. I thought this type of fishing was really complicated, frustrating and also expensive. Until, of course, I got a fly fishing rod and proceeded on...

Are You a Bass Fisherman? - Here Are a Few Tips for You

18/05/2012 20:22
If you like bass fishing, you probably have a bit of experience of catching these treasures of the depths. However, there's always room for new tips and tricks. And here, I'm going to provide a few. 1. If you're not a big fan of lures, one of the best live baits for bass, is the Pouting. Since...
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